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MODERATE aims to connect data providers with other building stakeholders by improving interoperability between datasets, by making use of data from different providers and aims to develop services based on data analytics that can transform raw data into knowledge for end-users.
It will develop an open marketplace where data can be reliably shared between data owners. In a next step, the platform will allow for users to make use of different services to analyse the available data, gain insights on the building stock and create a long-term impact for the management of buildings.


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The CIRCUIT project aims to develop a holistic approach, supported by digital solutions…

The solution booklet on district heating and cooling has been published in collaboration…

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome another applicant organisation, EFB, which membership…

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About ECTP

ECTP was launched by the construction sector in October 2004 to develop new R&D&I strategies to improve competitiveness, meet societal needs and take up environmental challenges. It gathers more than 150 Member organisations from the whole supply chain of the Built Environment.

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